CARE- Chase Aqua Rural Enterprise

Chase Aqua Rural Enterprise CIC provides holistic day opportunities with a range of informal educational and therapeutic activities in a safe and peaceful rural setting. Their holistic approach encourages learning, raises self-esteem and promotes well-being. CARE support vulnerable adults, young people and children, schools, community groups as well as private individuals. We help them on their journey to independence, volunteering and work.

Activities include:

  • Animal Assisted Therapy
  • Growing Projects – Farm to Fork
  • Healthy Eating and Cooking
  • working with farm animals
  • Collect Eggs/ cookery sessions
  • Conservation Projects
  • Create Animal Habitats
  • Bugs and Beasties
  • Wellbeing Walks
  • Willow and Woodcrafts
  • Arts, Crafts and Photography
  • Glass Leading
  • Camp Craft


Farm Project

Beechcliffe farm is set in a quiet rural area in Staffordshire, offering pupils first-hand experience of being part of a working farm life and the changing of the seasons. Pupils get the opportunity to work alongside the farmer giving them the knowledge and confidence to adapt life skills into everyday life. Pupils will assist in the handling, and care of his livestock, as well as learning about animal anatomy, animal welfare, and the agricultural industry. The animals allow the pupils a therapeutic approach to their learning. Pupils also get to assist in general maintenance around the farm; putting up fences, clearing trees, checking soil quality, stacking bales of hay, assisting move cattle and sheep from one part of the farm to another having to communicate and work as a team in getting these tasks complete whilst keeping themselves and the animals safe.

The farm offers opportunities for kinaesthetic, audio and visual learners; encompassing a holistic approach to their development and self-esteem building. Its learning aims are:

  1. Working as a team
  2. Developing communication skills
  3. Improving numeracy through material handling, cooking and animal care
  4. Getting a wider understanding of food, its origins, and cooking with fresh, organic produce
  5. Become confident when working around and handling livestock and farm animals


BTEC Level 1 Award in Personal Development for Employability


Alternative Education therapy with horses

Company of Horsemen

The Company of Horsemen is a family Based Equestrian business situated in the heart of beautiful Staffordshire countryside. The Company performs trick riding, jousting and western performances at numerous country shows and events all over the U.K and aboard and have also been used on the sets of various films and television productions. The change in environment for the students can come as a greatly needed therapy in its self, the physical side and the outdoors help combat pent up energy in a positive way. Horses are incredibility sensitive to our body language and emotions, witnessing the horse’s response to behaviour promote self-awareness and can help people see themselves in a more realistic way. Our aims are to:

  • Improve communication skills
  • Overcome fears
  • Work as part of a team
  • Build trust
  • Set boundaries
  • Achieve goals
  • Develop aspirations to go onto a career in the equine industry
  • Learn to be more respectful

In conjunction with The Horsemen we have designed an outdoor provision program aimed at offering our pupils the chance to attend their training centre and learn all aspects of caring for, riding and performing with horses.

We have seen our students grow and mature enormously over the course of the programs and thrive with increased confidence and new skills acquired


J P Alternative Education

Each week pupils spend a day out of the building taking part in an outdoor education programme. The programme is designed to show our pupils that learning can take place beyond the classroom and its four walls.

The five core aims of the programme are:

– Raise Self-esteem and aspirations

– Promote a healthy lifestyle

– Encourage pupils to take on new challenges

– For young people to have an appreciation for areas of outstanding natural beauty

– Promote direct learning using safe practice in challenging environments

The Outdoor education programme provides valuable alternative, often non-competitive, avenues for achievement, as well as opportunities to develop independence and self-reliance. Through successfully facing up to the challenges which outdoor activities provide, overcoming fears and apprehensions along the way, our young people make major strides in confidence, with implications for all aspects of their development in, and out of school.

The activities can range from rock climbing to hiking, mountain biking to kayaking, and even bush craft to cooking. The inclusive programme allows every young person to take part at their own discretion, experiencing new adventures along the way, which hopefully will spark an interest outside of school.


Land base Project- Agricultural Studies

This is a bespoke provision created specifically for the pupils at The Hollies by The Company of Horsemen. The course is designed to give pupils a practical insight into Farming, Land Maintenance and Equestrian industries.

Pupils have hands on experience in making, repairing and maintaining the different types of fencing necessary for livestock and for the protection of crops.

Pupils also gain knowledge of grazing land maintenance and the principles of grass land and crop fertilisation and are practically involved in the making and maintenance of drainage ditches. General stable management is also covered.

The practical knowledge gained enhances pupil’s life skills and the benefits are multiple –

  • Greater organisation
  • Planning
  • Time management
  • Team working
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Raised aspirations to study further to pursue a career in agriculture, equestrian or horticultural industries.


The Right Stuff Boxing

The Right Stuff ABC (Amateur Boxing Club) was opened in July 2009 in response to requests from local young people and Stafford residents to have a project to engage young people and tackle youth crime and anti-social behaviour.

Around 75 to 100 young people attend the club each week. The club has a boxing ring as well as punch bags and is well equipped with a variety of fitness equipment. It also has a good inventory of equipment to carry out community projects, such as litter picking and gardening etc.

The club is fully registered with the National Governing Body England Staffordshire. The project has 3 Full England Boxing Coaches and numerous Boxing Tutors/ Young Leaders.

The club has strong links with the local Policing Team and also with the British Army particularly the 22 Signal Regiment based at Beacon Barracks. Young people from the club attend army community exercise days at the barracks several times a year.

The Right Stuff ABC has carried out numerous community projects and raised thousands of pounds for charity. It has also produced two Staffordshire Boxing Champions and Stafford’s only ever competitive female boxer.