Key Stage 4

KS4 Curriculum OVerview

All young people who are admitted to the Hollies have been permanently excluded from mainstream schools or at risk of exclusion. The school aims, therefore, to balance the teaching of the national Curriculum subjects with other work to support young people in their personal, social and emotional development. Many pupils to the Hollies arrive part way through their GCSE's, our aim therefore is to work with each young person to identify their priority needs in terms of learning and social development and to provide a tailored curriculum which best meets the needs and where possible builds on their achievements from mainstream.

• Provides access for pupils to a broad and balanced curriculum.

• Promotes spiritual, moral, social and cultural, as well as both academic and physical development.

• Prepares pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experience of adult life.

Where appropriate at Key Stage 4 they follow accredited courses in English, Maths, Art, PE, Food and Duke of Edinburgh. All of our pupils are expected to achieve a GCSE in English and Maths. We also offer alternatives as BTEC's, Functional Skills or Entry Level qualifications alongside the GCSE.

Art and Design Department.


1) To contribute to pupils, intellectual, emotional, social and cultural development.

2) To develop and apply skills of creative thought and action.

3) To develop awareness, knowledge and understanding of the visual arts, craft and design.

4) To develop skills to research, investigate, interpret and handle information, including visual information.

5) To develop an appreciation of other cultures through the study of their art and culture.

6) To introduce pupils to the use of technology in art, craft and design where practically possible.

7) To develop awareness of the potential of art, craft and design to enrich personal experience and raise self-esteem.


Key Stage 4

· Marked against the AQA criteria.

· No written work on pupil’s work. Feedback is either given verbally, post in notes stuck onto work which can be easily removed or an interim feedback sheet.

· Regular group feedback / peer assessment.

· All pupils have flight paths in sketchbooks or folders.