Knife Crime

Alison Cope - Anti VIOLENCE campaigner visits the hollies

Bailey Street AP Academy was privileged to welcome Alison Cope to the school to talk to our pupils about the serious consequences of knife crime.

Alison Cope knows first-hand how damaging knife crime can be. In September 2013, her son Joshua Ribera was stabbed to death at a party to commemorate the life of a friend who had died in a stabbing the previous year. The 18-year-old was a well-known Birmingham rapper.

To his fans around the country and to people around the world who knew him he was Depzman, an up and coming grime artist who had just produced his first album and was building his career, appearing on BBC Radio 1Xtra. To his mum he was much more. Joshua was her little boy, her only son.

Joshua became involved in a row over a girl which spiralled into a fight and his rival, Armani Mitchell, left the club but then returned with a knife. He said he wanted to cut Josh on the arm, but as he pulled the knife, Joshua raised his arm to protect himself and Mitchell plunged the knife into his heart.

Alison is a passionate anti-knife campaigner; Alison has now dedicated her life to convincing teenagers there is another path in life.

Alison visited Bailey Street on Thursday 28th March 2019 to speak with the pupils about the harsh reality of what happened to her son. Two 18-year-old boys went on a night out and neither of them came home.

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