Vision Statement

Mission Statement

“Determind to Succeed”

At Bailey Street AP Academy we seek to empower pupils to transform their lives; to develop the confidence and ambition to make positive contributions to their community. We cater primarily, but not exclusively, for those with social emotional and behavioural difficulties, allowing them a fresh start in education. Our vision is to enable pupils to improve their self-esteem, take responsibility for their behaviour and to be proud of their achievements.

We provide safe and stimulating learning environments and we allow the opportunity for growth and personal development. We aim to ensure an inclusive approach that values every pupil as equal and we promote self-belief, emotional resilience and positive choices.

We are passionate about education and providing the opportunity for every pupil to develop exceptional knowledge, skills and understanding; while developing drive, ambition, confidence and belief. Our curriculum is pupil centred and offers an individualised approach to education that inspires creativity in all aspects of learning and is specifically focused on supporting pupils in overcoming the challenges.

Our Management Committee at the school know that our focus on academic attainment is our strongest feature. The increase in confidence and self-esteem that drives improvements in behaviour is almost always linked to academic success. It is often difficult to change pupils’ self-perception in a short space of time, but we can show them their own skills, and build their self-worth through academic attainment that has a clear value in their eyes and in the eyes of society.

What We Offer.

We can offer all of our pupils: -

Small class sizes so that no learner is left without help.

Qualified teachers and experienced staff who can make sure that our pupils make rapid progress in their learning, by delivering lessons that excite and motivate them.

A curriculum that closely matches mainstream expectations at KS3 and KS4 and has been successful in preparing all of our leavers for college after year 11.

Specific support based on the needs of each student to help them get back on track with their education.

A fresh start.