Admission Procedure

Admission Arrangements

Pupils are referred to us through the Admission Pathway to a Staffordshire Short Stay School/Pupil Referral Unit (PRU). The District Inclusion Partnerships (DIP) have been established to act as the “managers” of the school community in regard to inclusion and therefore admissions to a PRU would be in the majority of situations facilitated through the DIP. The Chair of the DIP will have ‘Power to Act’ between Partnership meetings when decisions are required urgently, i.e. placement of Looked after Children (LAC) or pupils who have statements of SEN or Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

Please note that any LAC from another LA who is new to the authority, the school/PRU must ensure Staffordshire’s Virtual School (VS) Headteacher is notified in the first instance as well as the School Admissions and Transport Team.

The DIP is half termly for the Stafford and South Staffs Districts. They are attended by senior management representatives from schools in Stafford and South Staffordshire, new placements for pupils and managed moves between schools are agreed.

The headteacher from the Hollies PRU will attend this meeting to discuss possible admissions.

If your child is offered a place at the Hollies a meeting will quickly be arranged for you by the school. The number is 01785 241784.

In this meeting we will discuss your child’s needs and how we can work with you to ensure the best possible educational outcomes for them. You will be asked to fill in a small amount of paperwork; this includes:

  • A Home/School contract; which sets out what support we will offer you, the behaviour we expect from your child, and how we can work together to ensure a successful placement at the Hollies.
  • An agreement to say if you give permission for your child to take part in our alternative provision and offsite activities.
  • ICT/Photographic information and consent for which you must sign.
  • School transport consent form for which the pupil must sign.

We also request you give us 2 emergency contact details for yourself and anyone else with Parental Responsibility for your child.

After this a start date will be arranged which will also include the induction which involves baseline testing.

School uniform is provided by the Hollies. This consists of polo shirts and a navy sweatshirt, both with the Academy’s logo on. The uniform is laundered within the school so no uniform must be removed from the premises. Pupils can wear their own black trousers, black skirts or tracksuit bottoms. Trainers are allowed in the school.